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I miss having Teachers.

I would always stay, during the lunchtime or after school, and talk to them.

Not about their subject, although I’m sure they would have liked me to focus a bit more on that, but about their lives.

Uber curious about how different they were in their role, as teachers and their “real” life. Batman versus Bruce Wayne if you must.

Happy beginning of the school year!

Tonight it’s gonna be a ice cream, candles and a youtube stand up night until i pass out from the sugar rush. I need my mind to stop thinking, my throat to stop coughing and my Lady Croissant to stop throbbing.


Monica Bellucci by Chico Bialas


Monica Bellucci by Chico Bialas

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Caught my eye.

Caught my eye.

To the couple making out in the library….

Your sounds are very distracting.
And the smell of books is enchanting.

Living vicariously through you two nerds. Go on. Please continue.

Ok so I’m gonna try this vulnerable route…

It’s gonna suck isn’t it?
Wish me luck.

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"You’ll make time for what’s important to you." Noumynoum the wise.

I guess right now it’s me who’s important to myself. I need to keep the motivation going strong. Slowly standing up. Wobbly but less than two months ago. But what if…. Nop shut up Anxiety! Fait dodo. Go to bed. Nighty Night.

And looking back at the last week, I can tell that I’m important to some too. Oh happy day! No but what if… Again?!?! Up to your room Anxiety! Don’t you have to facetime your bff Stress?

Shhhh I think Self Like is whispering something….

Can’t wait for the new season to start!

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Everyday should be a #PuppyPoolParty kind of day. #latergram #summer

Everyday should be a #PuppyPoolParty kind of day. #latergram #summer



Villa Vals

Architects CMA and SeARCH were focusing on the question if it would be possible to conceal a house in an Alpine slope while still exploiting the wonderful views and allowing light to enter the building when planing the Villa Vals. They decided to build a central patio into the steep incline to create a large facade with considerable potential for window openings. The viewing angle from the building is slightly inclined, giving a dramatic view of the beautiful mountains on the opposite side of the narrow valley.

All images © Iwan Baan


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Kreon by Stijn.